NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival – 2017

Theme: The Future Is Our Children

We cannot believe that we can keep growing and improving each year we put on a festival.  This year we started with a WOW factor with a Mad Hatters Tea Party and street market.  Then we finished with another WOW factor with a circus workshop and massive art and craft market.  The standard of all the entries in all the competitions has really lifted this year – we are thrilled to have two new murals and 3 new sculptures to add to our collection.

Mural Artists:
Shane Walker
Jack and Kerry Nicholson
Nicolas Hudson
Crystal Barbre
Frances Wregg
Karen Lawson
Bodhi Vincent

Winner of the NZ Mural Contest: Jack and Kerry Nicholson

Peoples Choice Winner:  Shane Walker

Spirit of the Festival winner:  Crystal Barbre

NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival – 2015

Theme: Nga Taonga O Aotearoa – The Natural Treasures of NZ

Phew, what an amazing festival.  Bigger than that of 2013!  An once again the weather Gods were on our side.  People came in the 1000’s and wondered the streets, checked out the art, were entertained by street entertainers and had a wonderful time.  The new features this year were the painted Bird Houses which were auctioned off as as a fundraiser for the Festival.  Also the 3D pavement art and body painting.  Plus just the sheer enjoyment and involvement by so many people!!

Mural Artists:
Shame Walker
J Muzacz
Simone Anderson
Kerry Nicholson
Constanza Pinto

Winner: Shane Walker

Runner Up: J Muzacz

Spirit of the Festival: Kerry Nicholson

Sculpture Competition Winner: Sam Dunlop with “kiwi”

NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival – 2013

Theme: Cultural Encounters

The 2013 festival took 11 months to plan and nearly 400 hours of work.  74 events were held over 7 days.  Over 200 kids were involved with activities. There were more than 50 street entertainers during the week.  About 110 people in cultural groups performed at the opening event.  Over 10,000 programmes were printed and distributed. The sun shone for 7 days and the whole community got involved.

Mural Artists:
Graham Wine
Pat Williams
Joyce ven der Lely
Karen Lawson
Keith Burrows
Renee Te Pairi

Winner: Renee Te Pairi
Spirit of Katikati Award:  Renee Te Pairi
Peoples Choice Award:  Renee Te Pairi

Sculpture Competition theme – Birds.  Winner: Marcel Zwezerijnen

NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival – 2011

Theme: In a land of Plenty

The 2011 festival combined with the Real Experience Katikati Festival which enabled joint marketing during the event. Over 40 events were organised with involvements form sports organisations, gardens, farms, churches, and community groups.

Mural Competition Winner: Alex McLeod

Spirit if Katikati Award:    Karen Lawson

Peoples Choice Award:   Marc Spijkerbosch

Sculpture Competition winner: Georges Auto

NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival – 2008

Theme: Journeys

Talisman Drive was lined with arts, crafts and entertainment on what was the biggest day of the 2008 festival.  You name it, it was there, samba, street entertainers, flags and more.  Not to mention eight artists completing their masterpieces for the competition.  The “Have a Go” sculpture competition resulted in an impressive line up of entries.

Mural Competition Winner: Peter Nicholson

Spirit of Katikati Award: Nancy Frazer

Peoples Choice Award: Marc and Nicola Spijkerbosch

Sculpture Competition winner: Terry Parker

NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival – 2006

Theme: The River was the road

This festival was a national first, chaired by the late Judy Junger, it was planned to become a regular feature for NZ’s Mural Town.  Decorating garden sheds was an event aimed at introducing young people to the concept of mural art.

The then WBOPDC Mayor and Katikati Open-Air Art patron, the late Graeme Weld, said “This weeks events are examples of community spirit in the truest sense as they mark what can be achieved when an eclectic group share a common vision to deliver something that can be enjoyed by everyone”

Mural Competition Winner: Chris Finlayson

Spirit of Katikati Award: Monika Welch

Peoples Choice Award: Roy Cunliffe

Sculpture Competition winner: Graeme Western


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